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T-Shirt To Skirt In 30 Seconds Test

I was blown away by this diagram of How To Make a Skirt in 30 Seconds that I saw on Pinterest. 
Could this be real? It sounded too good to be true, so I tried it out. On my first attempt, I did a elastic casing at the top and sewed my pockets to the front of the skirt because I couldn't get the pockets to stay inside.


  • It looks good when my hand is in the pocket or from the back. (Sorry for the distracting baby. It's the only way I can keep him from tipping over the tripod.)
  • I liked the extra detail of sewing my pockets to the front of the skirt.
  • It was very fast and easy.


  • Sewing the pocket to the front of the dress made all the gathers of the casing sit right above the pocket.
  • The side of the skirt at the bottom of the pocket pokes out, and I couldn't make it lie flat. If you don't want to draw attention to your hips, this skirt isn't for you. See picture on the right.
  • The pockets aren't that big. My hand barely fits into it.

On my second attempt, I tried something different. I still did an elastic casing on the top, but I tried topstitching around the pocket instead of sewing it to the skirt. This one looks good with my hand in my pocket.
Without sewing the pocket to the front of the skirt, the pocket doesn't stay inside even with the topstitching.
The pocket is a wide open hole on the side, and the bottom of the pockets still poke out a little on the side.
I fabric printed both shirts before I sewed them to give them a little character. If you need an easy and quick skirt, this is for you, but in the end it's just a very casual knit skirt. 


  1. So I wonder, could you do it like a kangaroo pocket? All the way through? Would it be too bulky? I have a t-shirt of my hubby's I wanted to make a skirt with, but if I cut it so the sleeves were gone, it would be too short.
    Thanks for sharing this idea! And for testing it out.

  2. Man, I love that nautical one! I saw this and wondered how well it would work technically! Would it just be better to omit the pockets? Great experiment! PS you ARE SO PRETTY!!!

  3. Lovely, and they look so comfortable! Thank you for sharing. I like the green skirt you've made.


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