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Wedding Dress Alteration: Attached Lace Jacket Reveal

I had a fantastic tutorial planned for today, but Henry has been sick these past couple of days meaning he's very clingy. I didn't mind because it meant lots of cuddling time for me. Instead, I'll show you a wedding dress alteration I did last Fall now that I have some of the bridal pictures. (All of the bridal pictures were taken by Lindsey Hale Photography.)
The original dress had two small godets in the front. I took them out and replace them with larger godets that went up to her thighs to give the dress more of a mermaid silhouette.
I took out the small train in the back and replaced it with a wider and longer train and added a lace overlay. The start of the train is the same height as the front godets to keep with the mermaid silhouette.
The original bodice had a square neckline and beading around the edge of the neckline and the edges of the sleeves. I changed it to a sweetheart neckline and attached lace in the shape of a cropped jacket. I put the scalloped edge of the lace around the edges of the sleeves and up around the neckline like a small standing collar.
I also added a keyhole to the back to smooth the transition between the zippered back and the collar. I really, really love the keyhole. I think it adds a lot to the back.
She also wanted beading wherever the lace was but 1) I'm a slow hand-sewer, so it wouldn't be cost efficient for me to do it and 2) I don't like hand-sewing. Instead, I taught her how to sew them on. She and anyone she enlisted hand beaded the lace on the bodice and the entire train! The beading turned out beautifully! She also added pretty buttons from the top of the train up to the collar. I'm so impressed she did it all! She ended up getting her dream dress, so it was completely worth it.


  1. That's incredible, Heather! LOVE the little jacket.

  2. This is absolutely stunning! Congrats to both of you, your hard work definitely paid off. :)

  3. I'm am SERIOUSLY seriously impressed. I'm pretty sure I could never do that! I would love to be able to, though, sheesh! That is just amazing, and the finished dress is GORGEOUS, and just WORLDS better than the original. Amazing. SHe looks beautiful.

  4. I love the alterations to the dress. It looks fantastic!


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