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Different Ways To Tie A Halter Swimsuit

I love halter swimsuits for their support and that I feel flattered in them. What I don't love is how they are tight on my neck and are constantly pulling down on my neck. It's hard to stand up straight in them. Also, I never seem to get them tied tight enough around my bust, so I'm constantly pulling it up or adjusting it. Not fun when I want to be enjoying the water and sun with Henry.
I tried two others ways of tying my straps to see how they work.
#1 The Crisscross Tie
Instead of tying the top straps around your neck, pull them down and tie them to the bust ties crossing on the way down. I think this one is really cute, and I like the two bows on the sides. I tried this one out for a day. This gave great lift, but didn't give great support under the bust. If you just need lift, this one is for you.
#2 The V-Tie
Tie the bust ties like you regularly would in a knot. The pull the top straps over and tie to the ends of the bust knot. I haven't quite perfect the bows and where I would like them, but this is my favorite. It gives great support under the bust and great lift. I felt like I could move around easily without any adjustments. Once I perfect the bows, I will definitely be using this one all the time.
These are great to switch up your tan lines. Would you try any of these? Do you have any secret ways that you tie your halter swimsuits?


  1. GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Clever! and a very cute suit.

  3. Love the print on your suit! So cute. And I think I would totally use the second method. Once I figure it out. I need lift, and support. :) Thanks!

  4. OMG thank you so much! I just bought a gorgeous halter one piece swimsuit on sale for $111 from David Jones in Australia and I figured out how to tie the first way but was still a little worried about being able to tie it myself and the lack of under bust support. The second one will be perfect! So happy that I came across this! It's so hard to get proper support with a large bust without getting ugly plain old grandma swimsuits. This will solve my problem! Thank you and great job.


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