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Baby Sandals From Old Flip-Flops Tutorial

I love little baby sandals and thought it would be fun to make some for my son. He's not walking yet so I wasn't worried about walk-ability. I just wanted some baby summer sandals. I had some old flip-flops lying around, so I thought I'd put them to good use.
I wouldn't recommend these for walking babies because flips flops don't have good traction. The finished sandals slip easily on smooth surfaces.

Old flip-flops
Needle, Thread, and Pins
Hammer and Flathead Screwdriver

1. I used some of my son's other shoes to trace the shape.
2. Cut them out. Tip: Use as much of the original edge of the sandal as possible so you have less to cut out.
3. Sand the edges. My brother was helping me at this point, and we found the easiest way to sand was with both pieces together so you get the same shape.
 4. Mark where you want the pieces to go through. (You'll see at the end of this post that I changed the placement of the holes, so read through before you mark your holes.)
5. Used a flat-head screw driver and a hammer to poke holes in the shoes.
Hammer from the top because the bottom of the holes aren't as pretty.
6. Get some elastic and poke it through the holes. I used the tip of my scissors to push the elastic through.
I used one long piece of elastic and thread it through crossing over on top.
7. Tie a knot on the bottom and then stuff the knot into one of the holes.
8. Pin the top of the crossover and handstitch together.
9. Measure around your babies foot, and then pin on a back strap and handstitch in place. My strap was 3".
That's all!
They are a little difficult to get on a wiggly baby, but once they're on, they don't come off.
 I let Henry stand in them and crawl around in them and they didn't come off.
I realized after making them that the sandals needed something at the front to keep them on so I added another hole to the front inside so that the elastic could go between Henry's front toes.


  1. Cute! And what a smart thing, especially when you can buy them at the end of the season for super cheap. Sanding them to make the smooth edge. I just may do this with a cute pair that is way to big for me. Thanks for the tips. Oh, and your son's shoes are super cute!

  2. Oh what a cute idea! I would have never thought of that. Love it :)

  3. Darling Heather! Simply Darling!

  4. This is a great refashion of sorts...and adorable!

  5. This will be great to do with cheap 88¢ flip flops from walmart! I can make several color combos! Thanks!

    What size and type of elastic did you use?

    1. I used 1/2" elastic. You could use 1/4" or 3/8" also.

  6. Adorable idea, thank you. They don't make them with good rubber anymore, sucks cause they look so cute on babies.


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