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Washi Tape Kitchen Cabinets

I wanted to personalize our kitchen cabinets a little because they are so blah. I thought washi tape would be a great temporary way to spruce them up. I found some fabulous yellow silverware washi tape which fit perfectly for my yellow kitchen.
From a couple feet back, you can hardly see the tape. I guess if I had wanted something bolder I could have chosen a brighter or darker color. I didn't put it on the bottom cabinets because I have a curious baby. (Oh, and don't be offended that I didn't move my dirty dishes. I had a baby at my feet whining for attention, so I had to take quick pictures.)
Up close while I'm cooking it makes me happy.
And when it isn't summer outside and I bring in my lemon wreath, it'll match perfectly.
I'm debating about adding another stripe or maybe doing a horizontal stripe. I only have a little left so I can't do anything crazy. Any ideas?

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