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Swimsuits With Modest Flair

We're getting ready for swim season around here. I don't know about you, but cute swimsuits don't give me the coverage I'd like. I did some quick touch-ups so I'd feel more comfortable in the water. The aqua suit has great coverage except a very revealing hole in the middle. I added a piece of white swimsuit fabric to cover it up. The brown suit was just a little to low for my taste so I added a white swimsuit fabric ruffle.
And just so you know, this was definitely a quick job. I didn't finish the edges, and I even had a different color bobbin than the top thread.
I also made my son a swim out of some old thrifted swim trunks. Look how short these are!
I kept the pocket detail even though Henry won't use them. (Sorry, you don't get to see his naked torso; it was hard enough just getting these pictures with the shorts thrown over his romper.)
He is so tiny that the pockets wrap around to the back. I though I was making some short shorts for him, but he's such a shorty that they turned out to be the perfect length.
He might grown out of the gray swim trunks and his matching rash guard before the summer ends so I made him another set in the next size up. I had some swim suit fabric that looked boyish so I made him a rash guard with a frog applique. He's going to get all the lady babies in his matching speedo/diaper cover!
I still need to iron the frog applique.
Happy swimming!


  1. That little speedo set is SO CUTE! He's gonna break some hearts.

  2. I've "modest-ified" one of my swimsuits before. It's nice not having the threat of lady spillage.

    Great job!

  3. Thanks for the tips.
    And the little man's suit is so cute. Thankfully for me I was gifted a couple of cute swimsuits for my little man. But if I hadn't I would totally be making some.

  4. I love these idea, especially the white ruffle at the top of the swim suit. I, too, am always challenged in the search for modest swim wear.

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