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Bloggers and Books

Did you know I love reading? I do! It's another hobby I really enjoy. I wrote about my favorite book and books I've read recently over in Erika's new bloggers and books series. You should check it out! If you're a fellow book lover, tell Erika so you can participate in the series! I'd love to get some other suggestions for books to read!
It is my husband's week off between semesters, so I'm not going to be blogging very much (I do have a post planned for the end of the week though.). We've already enjoyed a great weekend and tried many hats on Henry.


  1. That hat is priceless!

    I love reading too. Just finished the Hobbit, which I LOVED! (I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan, but reading the books is hard for me. The Hobbit is a way easier and more exciting read.)

    On my list is Darcy's Voyage, which is a new spin on Pride and Prejudice... they go to America! I'm interested in what it's going to say.

  2. That series is right up my alley. I am going to check out out right now.


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