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Alterations and Confident Crafting

My sister is preparing to serve a mission for our church, so she was cleaning out her clothes and fabric/project pile. She found this "too big" shirt from our grandmother. She had planned on taking it in but thought she didn't have time for it so she almost gave it away. I made persuaded her to fix it and wear it on her mission. I just couldn't get over the gorgeous fabric. It's off-white with a tan and yellow design almost like animal print. (If I looked good in yellow, I would have kept it for myself!) Animal print is so classic and the coloring is very subtle.
What she did was chop off the sleeves, take in each sleeve and the sides, reattach the sleeves farther up the shoulder. I'm hoping to get to a dress soon and do a tutorial on it. This alteration, sides in/reset sleeves, is a very, very common alteration and is a good skill to learn. It makes all the difference in fitting!
On another note have you seen Michael Ann's Becoming A Confident Crafter series? It's great! Each week she talks about something new, and then gives you a homework assignment for the weekend. If you participate, you can share your finished items on the Michael Ann Facebook Page. I tried something new, my screen-printed bunting shirt, and she feature it! Go over and check out it out!



  1. She will LOVE that shirt on her mission.
    Man I didn't even know what to plan for.
    Where is she headed?

    1. She's going to the Russia, Samara Mission.


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