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Maxi Dress Week Day 5: Results

Well, today is the last day of  maxi dress week. I hope you learned something new, and you got the courage to either sew with knits or make a dress yourself! If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them. I really do love sewing with knits and want to share that with you! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Here is my finished pink and gray colorblocked dress.
I like this one because it's really simple, but can be dressed up. It's floor-sweeping so it feels a little glamorous. It's light and perfect for summer. I can sit on the grass with Henry without worrying about flashing anyone. I do with I would have made the waist and hip area a little bit bigger, but I live and I learn.
Here is my tropical print dress. I love this print and think it's perfect for summer. I like the band on this one and think it finishes the dress. Oh, maxi dresses or skirts are perfect for distracting little ones while making dinner.
I'm so excited for summer! (Don't mind Henry's poopy diaper, I changed it right after we took pictures.)


  1. You look great! What is your secret for staying in such good shape? I am sitting here wishing I looked that great after having a baby!

  2. You DO look great! And that little Henry is such a doll. Great job on those maxis!

  3. They both look great on you! I love the different colored hem on the floral one!

  4. Haha, I wanted to say as well that you look great. So slender (I'm hoping this is the correct English word for being in good shape :)). I wanted to take part in the sew-along badly, and then...the week had passed before I knew it :(.
    So no link from me, I'm afraid...but once I get to making a maxi dress, I'll surely use all your tips and tricks :)

  5. Hi,just finished reading the maxi-dress series and am still browsing through more of the amazing tutorials you have posted. They're all so clear and easy to follow, without giving too many of the tiny details that some tutes have. Thank you so much for putting them out there!
    You should be ALL OVER oneprettything, u-create, etc. How have they missed you so far? You're a tutorial godess in my humble opinion. Please keep it up!!!


    1. Oh thank you! That is the sweetest comment! I'm so glad that you understand my tutorials and think they are clear! I really try to keep out the extra fluff that make it so confusing.

    2. Love it!! So modest, I think I might give the floral one a try. I hope it turns out as good as yours! Thanks for sharing.


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