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Maxi Dress Week Day 2: Tips For Sewing Knits

Now that you've got your dress cut out, it's time to sew the side sleeves and sleeves (if you have them). I prefer sewing with a zigzag and then sometimes I serge the ends and sometimes I don't. Knits don't fray so it isn't necessary; it just makes the inside look nice and gives the seams extra strength.
I recorded myself sewing one side of my shirt where I talk about some tips for sewing knits. Hopefully it'll help you out and give you courage to sew knits. 
(I only had one chance of recording this video during my son's nap so I didn't get to test out the lighting. Sorry!)
Here is a close-up of the front and back of a single knit. The back is M's or W's and the front is V's. Also, the fabric curls towards the front.
Some people don't like the look of a zigzag from the outside but I have found it looks pretty similar to a manufactured garment.
The side seams of my bodice and my skirt are sewn. 
Tomorrow we'll talk about elastics, casings, ties, etc so get your side seams done!


  1. I have purchased all of this knit fabric, but it just sits in my fabric cupboard...thanks for the 'I can do it' feeling! I have wanted to try a maxi dress forever... :)

  2. Is it necessary to purchase a stretch needle? It looks sort of like a flat needle? I've also heard that using elastic thread with knit is good. Sorry for all the questions, I'm a total newbie :)

  3. Nevermind the elastic thread question...that was for something else :)

  4. How do you know how much to buy? Shoulder to floor twice?

    1. Check out this post-http://www.feathersflights.com/2012/04/fabric-amount-and-inspiration.html


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