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Craft Lake City Application

*I interrupt Maxi Dress week to tell you about Craft Lake City. The Maxi Dress week will come later today.*

All the preparations are being made for Craft Lake City, Utah's DIY festival. There is plenty to do for everyone, and even a arts and crafts Kid's Area. This year Craft Lake City will also be accepting applications for DIY Engineers, "DIY Engineers expands our traditional definition of handmade into the realm of science and technology. This is the category for creative types who thrive on developing their own techy answers to everyday problems by crafting solutions themselves. DIY Engineers may apply to vend their handmade products, demonstrate an idea that is still in the testing phase or simply showoff their current technical creation."
If you want to sell your handmade goods just fill out the Craft Lake City application. Applications will close May 7, 2012.
Last year I was able to attend Craft Lake City. I loved it except that I was seven months pregnant and had a difficult time walking. There were so many unique things to look at, an my husband even enjoyed some of the booths. I plan on going again this year and bringing Henry. I'm really excited to see the DIY Engineer booths.


  1. Ah wish I could go! Seems like all the cool stuff happens in Utah! Craft conventions, writing conventions, general conference.... shoot.

  2. I'm totally going to this with you! :)


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