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Being Real

Because of a post about comparing yourself to "perfect" bloggers in blogland by Erika, I decided to show the state of things around here. 
No make-up and hair up. (Whenever I wash my hair I let it dry in rope braids to make it wavy.)
Front room
Sewing area
If I ever sew (rarely) when Henry's awake, then it usually looks like this
or this.
I make lots of mistakes that don't always make it on here like this.  I started with one kind of paint near the neck and then ran out. Then I started with another paint on the top right and went left. Two different colors and one side you can see the paint fading! Please comment with tips on how to fix it!
Well, I really love Erika and how she is completely real on her blog. She is open about her life, the good (her sweet daughter and husband) and the bad (miscarriages and losing her father). She also said once how reading so many craft blogs made her compare what she was doing, so she stopped following some. I realized I had the same problem. I was following so many blogs that it took all my time and took all my creative juices. Now I only follow a select few and have felt the creativity flowing back in.
Anyway the reason I brought her up is because I finally got to meet her last week! I've wanted to meet her forever. We met up to go thrifting together and had quite and adventure.
We both got white pants/capris to dye. I tried to dye them coral and them came out kinda red. (Sorry no before picture.) I'm hoping they'll fade a little, but I don't have any red capris so I'll still wear them.
I was worried that Erika would drive about an hour and not find anything thrifting, so I made her a little circle skirt for her daughter.
Circle skirts are seriously the easiest skirts to make!
How have you been real lately?


  1. You are so amazing.

    I loved hanging out with you and think you and Henry are just the greatest people ever. We definitely need to get together again soon.

    I love how your pants turned out! I tried to turn my white jeans into skinny jeans and uhhh. My sewing machine went all weird. It always does when I try to sew. So, I gave up. oops!

    Anyway, this post was so great. I'm glad I'm not the only one with shoes every where!

  2. Love you being real. My house looks worse, as there are 3 little people, one dog, and one husband.
    Isn't it fun to find a new friend?
    And as to your shirt, maybe do a fun print of a paisley or something like that huge over the painting job. Maybe in black or something like that.
    Good luck!

  3. I try so hard to be real on my blog. Almost to a fault! I don't want to scare people with talk of hemorrhoids and scary deliveries and acne, but this is what's on my mind. Not the perfectly cute life I pretend to have.

    I think I'm going to do a makeup-less face post. I'm feeling brave.

  4. yep, love this. its like those photos of celebrities without makeup...sometimes blogs can be so deceiving.

  5. Way to go being real. :)
    I think the pants turned out cute! No worries.
    I've been wanting to redo my blog lately. I haven't been updating it at ALL. Been so lazy. I've been reading other blogs, just not updating my own. Ugh.
    Trying to come up with ideas for my redo.

  6. I've been real by being absent! Just can't combine other things in life (cooking,grocery shopping,volunteering) with blogging. I'll get on top of it again, I hope ;)

  7. That you made a skirt for Erika's daughter is far and away more important than how neat your house is or how cool your latest project is. If more of us thought about each other as much as we think about ourselves, the world would be a happier place. It takes a special person to put themselves in another person's shoes, and then make the extra effort to be sure they have a good time. Good job!
    PS My husband's name is Henry :-)

  8. I love this post because my house is always in a state of disarray. Of course, I rarely show that in my blog photos. It's nice to know other bloggers have "real" homes, too!


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