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Watermark Herringbone Dress

Let me just say, I already love this dress. I've only worn it to take pictures, but I'm going to be wearing this all summer long. 
It's so easy to wear. By itself, or with a belt.
I took three white shirts and layered two to become the bodice (I hate semi-transparent clothing that you have to wear another layer underneath to stay modest!) changing the neckline. Then I took the third one, cut off the sleeves and used it as the skirt. I dyed it, then added a casing with elastic at the waist and added a skirt layer, so I don't have to wear a slip.
It's kind of a funky color because I dyed navy over dark green, like a gray-blue-green, but I still like it.
The pattern is a little subtle and a little messy. There are mistakes from the dye and the glue, but it all works together.
You can see a splotch on the back where the green dye wasn't even. It just adds to the funky character. 


  1. I love this!! So cute! I might make one the next time I have a bit of time off work :)

  2. looks fab! can't believe it's just 3 t-shirts!

  3. I've never thought about dyeing my own clothes, but that could open up a whole new kind of craftiness! The dress looks super cozy and breezy, perfect for summer!


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