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Make Christmas Cards Into Magnets

I know it's way after Christmas, but I just found a solution for all our Christmas card pictures. I love to show Henry the pictures so that he can get to know faces and keep them up all year. Usually, I put the pictures up on our fridge, but it soon gets crowded. Well, Erika from Oops, I Craft My Pants came up with the perfect solution. She made her own magnets out of instagram photos, and I used her idea to make Christmas card magnets. Now we lots of magnets of all our lovely friends and family members.
It's great to use up our random flat magnets that just seem to collect.
I didn't even use Mod Podge; I used regular Elmer's glue, and it worked just fine. I did find that really small pictures make the magnets curl, so I kind of flattened them with heavy books. Next year I won't cut them so small.
The bigger ones are also perfect for little hands and mouths.


  1. Great idea. But "Oops I craft my pants" is going to be what I think about all day today. Ha! That's funny.

  2. Good idea! I hate throwing those cute Christmas cards away, but seriously, what else am I going to do with them? problem solved.

  3. Great I idea; should have thought of that. My mom would sometimes make place mats from the cards and wrapping paper and laminate them. Both of these are things I want to do next year.


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