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Lace Chandelier. . . Kind Of

It's my husband's spring break this week so we been having some much needed relaxing time. It's been so great to have him around more, so sorry I haven't posted much.
Anyway, more and more I'm starting to realize how much I love lace. I saw these two pictures on Pinterest and loved the idea of changing the look of our light fixtures. I thought I'd combine the two ideas.
We can't push pins into our ceiling because of asbestos, so I just hung the lace from the screws sticking out of our light fixture. It's a nice addition to our bedroom; it makes it feel a little more like ours.
The idea behind the phrase "just like heaven" above our bed is that heaven is a combination of my husband and my first names. Heather + Kevin = Heaven. I put it up with the same contact paper I used on our front closet.
It might not completely cover the light fixture from the side, but it looks great from below.
Our tiny bedroom has become more of a refuge for us. Or me. I don't think my husband cares that much.


  1. Very pretty! I love the combination of your names...so romantic! :) What a great space you've created.

  2. Really nice way will I try it Thank you

  3. Wow, super smart! I love it, it looks majical!


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