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Interchangeable Teething/Nursing Necklace Tutorial

Henry has gotten to the point where he loves grabbing things. He especially loves grabbing while he's eating. I can't where regular necklaces because he'll pull them and break them. I looked into nursing/teething necklaces and liked the idea except that they are only one color. I made a necklace that is interchangeable.
Start with tubes of fabric about 18 inches long. You can make them longer and cut them later because the knots use more fabric than I expected. I used knit and woven fabrics.
Put buttons, rubber balls, beads, etc. or whatever you have in your house. I used those glass rocks that go in fish tanks. Put one in, tie a knot, put another one in, tie a knot until you have the length you want.
For the back piece I used knit so it would be stretchy and wouldn't cut into my neck as much. Sew it into a tube and turn right side out. Fold edge over and sew. I didn't finish the edge because it's a knit.
Sew a buttonhole onto the edge.
To finish the edge of the color edge, I folded the fabric inside the tube and topstitched. I wasn't trying to make this really nice because it's going to be chewed on and pulled on by a baby.
Sew some buttons onto the edges of the fronts that can be used with the back buttonholes. Now you have and interchangeable necklace.
It's pretty casual but a little funky.
Perfect for little hands to grab. It's a "toy" that's always ready, can't be thrown across the room, and is a great distraction.


  1. ah what a great idea! My shirts are all stretched out from my daughter pulling them down while she eats - as if I don't have enough trouble staying modest these days haha. Thanks! Totally making one TONIGHT!

  2. Great idea!! I'll be pinning this one.

  3. Super cute! I love the idea of making your own teething necklaces! So cute!

  4. With various cloth patterns you could avail out there, imagine the fashionable teething necklaces you could make. Costs less too!


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