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I Tried The Watermark Tee Tutorial

I have tried a tutorial, the Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana found at Ucreate. I saw it ages ago and always wanted to try it out. It's so great to move something from my to-do list to my to-done list. I'll tell you how my experience went. 
First, I couldn't find the blue gel glue at any stores (I didn't try very hard), and decided to try the washable clear school glue. My sister couldn't find it in her respective city and tried the No-Wrinkle Dual Tip Glue Pen. We each did the glue part on our own and then dyed our pieces at the same time. The dye we had on hand was dark green.
Here's my sister mixing up the dye in a garbage can with straws. Use what you have, right?
Then we dipped our items in the dye on her apartment deck. It was uncommonly warm for February when we did this. 
This is the only picture I have that kind of shows how everything turned out. The glue I used didn't really work at all. It made more of a watercolor effect instead of blocking the dye. My sister's shirt on the bottom left worked really well. You can see her orangey glue in the shape of an umbrella. 
A couple of weeks later, I was at Joann's and there happened to be blue gel glue. Who knew? I did the whole process again with the different glue and used navy dye over the green. These onesies came out awesome. There was also an elephant one, but I've already given it away.
This onesie I couldn't wash all the residue from the clear glue away, so I replaced it with cute fabric and made matching pants. This one is Henry's outfit, and I made a similar one with the same problem that I gave away with the elephant onesie.
Here's Henry in one of his onesies. I dipped the onesie it at an angle and left a green strip. It's kind of funky and different than onesies you see at the store.

I didn't use the glue technique on this cardigan; I just wanted to show you that this "navy" is purple.
I made a fabulous herringbone dress that I can't wait to wear all summer long. I'll be posting pictures of it tomorrow!
In all, I REALLY liked this tutorial. It was easy, and I could make cool stuff without being great at drawing. Personally, dyeing the regular way with boiling water and constant stirring is just too much. Maybe the colors are truer/brighter, but I don't have time for that. This technique does require a lot of air drying, but it's not a lot of hands-on time. I loved that when you dipped something and laid it out, you could pretty much see what it would end up like instead of waiting for it to be washed. I'm definitely going to remember and use this technique again and again.
Tips I want to remember for next time:
-Use liquid dye not powder dye. The powder dye doesn't dissolve well in cold water so I got splotches of other colors. The liquid dye dissolved great.
-Dying covers babies poop/spit up stains. Awesome!
-Navy comes out more purple than blue.
-Use the right glue!

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  1. This is cool! I love it when someone in real life tries those tutorials. Love your tips! Thanks for posting this.


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