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DIY Fabric Printing: My New Love

I've gotten a small taste of fabric printing and I might love it more than sewing. And that's saying a lot! I've only printed two items, but I'll definitely be doing more! I first got the idea from this pony printed dress on A Beautiful Mess which also has a foam stamp tutorial. I didn't follow the tutorial; I didn't use wood or wood glue, and I used an acrylic/fabric medium combination.
Anyway, remember how I dyed this cardigan navy, and it turned out purple? Unfortunately, I already have a cardigan almost the exact same purple, so I needed to change this one. I decided to print hearts all over it. The gray hearts are metallic even though it doesn't show up in the picture, and there a couple pale yellow hearts as accents.
I also added a couple iron-on rhinestones I had leftover from this shirt.
I learned that the print doesn't show up well if the paint is a similar lightness/darkness as the item your printing. The hearts are a lot more subtle than I'd like them to be.
It was a good practice run though, and it still turned out pretty cool.
I also printed one of Henry's onesies that I dyed. The dye covered up the stain, but it turned out kind of a weird gray/blue/green. To save it, I printed "%" signs all over it. It makes it a little more boy-ish and sort of math geeky.
In my quest for boy clothing inspiration and boy fabrics, I've decided to print my own fabric, so I can get what I want. I'll be posting about that when I finish printing the fabric show you my inspiration.
I can't wait till Henry can fit into this funky onesie! And I can't wait to print more fabric!


  1. This is really cool Heather! I'm thoroughly impressed. I like the subtlety of the heart cardigan actually, I think it's a cool effect. And Henry's onesie is adorable! You are incredible my friend!

  2. I love this! It looks so adorable and totally professional! Well done!


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