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You Know You're A Blogger If. . .

You know you're a blogger if:
  • When you take a picture, you start writing in your head what you'll say about it on your blog.
  • You think of blog posts while you're showering, washing dishes, vacuuming, falling asleep, etc.
  • No matter what you're doing when you think of a blog post idea, you immediately start writing it in your head. You even arrange it and edit it.
  • When talking to people, you want to bring up a story you read on a blog. You feel weird saying, "My friend told me. . ." or "This happened to a lady I know," because you've never met the person in real life and they technically didn't tell you.
  • You take a picture solely to put on your blog.
What do you do that makes you a blogger?


  1. Those are all so true :)I feel weird telling about something on a blog too.

  2. Before we took photos for facebook, now it's for blogs :D


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