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Wall Plug-in and Essential Oils

As you probably know by now, my apartment is old. So old that it doesn't have a vented heating system. It has hot pipes that run along the walls. This makes for no-circulated stagnant air. Not too great. I saw this pin floating around on pinterest about DIY wallflowers. (I got a wallflower for my birthday and Christmas.) Since my brother had just given me some essential oils to try, I thought I would give this a try.
I love that the wallflowers make my apartment smell really nice. I haven't read much about VOC and am not too worried about them at this moment. I'm worried about saving money, so that's why I tried this.
I got lemon, citrus blend and lavender to try. I didn't have very much lemon so I mixed it with the citrus blend. It was really easy to take the wick out and put in some oil and water.
Here it is plugged in the wall. It made my apartment smell heavenly! My oil and water didn't mix well together like the original post. I don't know if that's because I used a different kind of essential oil. I didn't put a whole ton in, so it won't last as long as a store-bought one. So far it's lasted me about a week, but I don't think it'll last longer than that. Also, I don't think this would work if I were using the essential oils for health reasons because the wallfower heats up the oils. I'm not sure if heating up the oil is bad or not.
All in all, I think it's about the same price for essential oils as it is to buy a new wallflower refill. It would be worth it if I was worried about VOC though.


  1. I love essential oils, especially lavender. Except the smell. I hate the smell of lavender. Ugh.

    Awesome idea though!


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