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Button Up Shirt Onesie 2

I altered the shirt onesie pattern, and now it is now big enough for Henry. I used a shirt that I actually made for my husband when we were engaged. I think Henry really enjoys looking like his pops. The print makes me think of a cowboy.
This little cowboy is very wiggly, but looks so studly in his shirt.
I didn't cut off the cuffs for the sleeves which means the original pleats are still there. The pleats make Henry look like he has the biceps of a bodybuilder. He looks so tough. Especially with his ginormous eyes and wispy hair.
Here you can see the cuff and placket.
I made the yoke smaller like an actual men's shirt, so that the pleat gives room for arm movement. Henry needs to do his tummy time even when he's dressed up.
I added elastic to the legs this time which adds a lot to the look. I also have three buttons and buttonholes at the bottom for diaper changing.
This cowboy is ready to sweep you onto his horse and ride off into the sunset.


  1. Love this. So cute. Love Henry too! So cute.

  2. He is so adorable! my own baby has grown out of everything. I need to do this for him. Thanks for posting!

  3. Cowboy Hank, you can sweep me onto your horse to ride of into the sunset anytime.

  4. You did such a fantastic job! This looks so handsome and professional. Great job!

  5. What an awesome refashion!!! I have never seen a shirt made into a onesie before. Great idea!!! Thanks for linking up...

  6. I wish I'd had some of these when my boys were littler....I hate boy's shirts coming out.

    And it is so well sewn...cuff and placket? You are such an amazing sewist/sewer! (I never know what to call everyone these days...lol.)


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