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Faded Glamour Shirt

A couple of weeks ago I got some Next Style products to review from FashionArtProjects.com which is a website where you'll find DIY fashion designs and instructional "how to" information for the Next Style brand of fashion crafting products available at Walmart.
The first project I did was a rhinestone shirt. I have been planning on making a glamour shirt and had planned on hand-sewing sequins onto this shirt. "Really, Self, you thought you would sew a hundred or sew sequins on by hand?!" Ya, it wasn't really going to happen. Fortunately, I got to try some Next Style iron-on rhinestones.
I used one of my shirts that had a good fit and had a stripe in the right place.
I place out all the rhinestones which was probably the most time-consuming part of the whole project. I used a pen lid to push around the rhinestones and a ruler to straighten each line. I do wish the pack came with more rhinestones, because I felt for this project I didn't have enough. It still turned out good though.
After I was done, I washed it worrying that some of the rhinestones would come off. None did! And they've stayed on every time I've worn it since.
I love this shirt because it's glam but casual. And the rhinestones were easy and quick.
*These items were provided free of charge from FashionArtProjects.com.


  1. Hobby Lobby has some wonderful iron on also to dress up any t shirt.

  2. Has anyone told you that you don't even look like you had a baby recently!?


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