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Boy Clothing Inspiration and The Rock and Roll Outfit

Since we were given a lot of used baby boy clothing, I haven't done much looking around until recently. I'm pretty disappointed with the selection of boy clothing. Almost all have some kind of words or phrases on them, and the fabric print aren't that great either. Phrases don't really bother me unless it's all he has to wear. I know society says that girls should love clothing and they have lots of fun detailing, but what about a mom who loves clothing and has a boy(s)? I might just have to stick to thrift stores.
Anyone know of great boy clothing stores? I probably won't shop there, so don't worry about expense, I would just love to have some boy clothing inspiration!
On another note, I tried the rock and roll outfit on Henry. He's technically not the size of the item I copied, but this looks a little too small around and too long for him.
I can't decide if I should add some width so Henry can wear it or just shorten the torso for the next baby.
He does look pretty cute in this though, even if it's stretched across his belly.


  1. I hear you. I actually really like the Faded Glory and Garanimals stuff at Wal-Mart! They have some plaid shorts and really brightly-striped T's for boys right now that I love. I saw one that was bright turquoise, orange and black. Love those bold colors.

  2. Never seen such big eyes! Really cute :)

  3. My friend told me that Crazy 8 has some really cute boy stuff, as she has 2 boys I would believe her. Most of my favorite clothes for my kids (2 girls 1 boy) comes from Target. They have clothes that fit my kids, which are more long and skinny. Walmart brands of clothes fit better if you have a short fat kid, or I have to buy 2 sizes larger to get the length I need for my kids.
    As for the boy stuff not being cute, I totally agree. There is not much out there that isn't all sayings or super hero's. If you find stuff, please post!

  4. Aww Henry is so cute!! He looks kind of cool as well in this outfit; a cool little dude hehe 8-). As for clothing, I understand what you mean with the stupid phrases. I really like the collection of Gymboree. Really not so affordable, but great to copy! :)

  5. If you are looking for rockin' kids clothing for boys check out online kids store http://www.alittlebitofcheek.com.au


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