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Sunburst Curtain

I finally got to something that has been on my list for ages. My parents have an arched window in one of their rooms and needed a curtain to stop the sun from beating in. The liked the idea of a sun burst design.
I traced the shape of the window, cut out the small half circle, and added pleats to the upper part. Then I cut up the pieces and sewed it all together.
It has been very successful in keeping out the sun's heat, or it could just be that it's actually starting to feel like winter around here. (We had our first HUGE snowstorm last weekend!)


  1. I love the design...this would be so charming in a classroom, especially if you could get a dual color design.

  2. Kristen Hoxie8/1/12, 10:04 AM

    how did you attach it to the window?

    1. I had a casing on the upper curve and my dad bought some sort of bendable wood piece. The wood piece went through the casing and then it sits inside a window track at the top of the window. You can kind of see what I'm talking about in the second picture.


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