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Stuffed Alligator Pattern and Tutorial

I actually made this right before my son was born, but just recently got the pattern scanned and edited. It's been a long time coming. My son likes it so far, and I hope it'll be a toy he likes as he gets older.
You can see/print the alligator pattern here. It has 1/8" seam allowances.

First cut out all your pieces. I used green knit and red woven fabric. I think the knit made my alligator really round and a little lumpy. You can use woven for all if your more comfortable with that. Remember to mark the dots on the side pieces and the pleats on the belly piece.
With right sides together sew the mouth to the face and belly piece.
With right sides together pin the top of the two side pieces together from dot to dot.
Sew from dot to dot.
Clip and notch.
Turn inside out and poke out corners. I carefully used the point of my scissors.
Fold the pleats at the dots.
Baste the pleats.
Next, with right sides together pin the alligator together matching up the legs. The pieces will sort of form a triangle. Leave an opening so that you can turn the alligator right side out.
At the tail sew around the point going over the other seam.

The face piece will start where the seam on the top ended. I used lots of pins on the face/mouth to make sure everything lined up.
Because it'll end up being 3-D, it is a little tricky to sew.
Make sure the seam allowances are open when you sew.
 When you sew around the mouth, stretch the mouth straight but sew in a slight point.
 Remember to clip and notch the feet.
Turn the alligator right side out, stuff, and hand stitch the opening closed.
Now give the alligator to a special little child to enjoy!
I also added some hand embroidered eyes.
 Belly pleats


  1. This is so cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  2. This is adorable, and I LOVE the belly pleats!!

  3. Oh my. I wish I was this creative. Darn you
    - Meg

  4. This is so stinking cute!!! It must be the same size, if not longer, than that adorable little baby! HA!

    I featured this as one of today's top patterns over at SewSet. Thanks for sharing!

    - Jess, SewSet.com

  5. I got all pattern pieces cut out and do not understand at all how to even begin putting it together. Can someone please help me.


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