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Baby Leg Warmers

I cleaned out my husband's sock drawer. There were lots of dress socks that had holes in them. I used some that weren't so holey to make some leggings for Henry. Argyle is "mantastic."
These aren't really tight around his ankle, so he has some good growing room.
I was getting tired of taking of and putting on his pants every time I change his diaper. Especially with his ever wiggly legs. With these man leggings, I don't have too! But Henry's legs are still kept warm.
Henry is getting good and standing when I hold onto his arms. (It was pretty difficult to hold him with one hand, while trying to take a steady picture with the other.) Sometimes he likes to stand on his toes and not the bottoms of his feet.
I didn't make a tutorial, but Erika has a great baby leg warmer tutorial. I need to get some more men's socks to make more for Henry!


  1. So cute!! My friend did leg warmers with her daughter and they ALWAYS made me smile. Especially when they are in fun patterns and colors. Henry looks so handsome!

  2. Henry is so gorgeous! Those blue eyes.

    The leg warmers are pretty cute too. :)

  3. hey Heather! Yep, I'm still blog stalking you :) I just made some of these for my little boy last week! He's crawling now and this way, his knees are protected and warm but he can still move as much as he wants. It's the best. P.S. Henry is beautiful.


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