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Baby Boy Rock and Roll One-Piece

Just so you know I've decided for my new years resolution to do my best to not stress myself out. That means I'll still be posting on here, but less. I used to stress myself out to have two to three posts a week,  meaning sometimes I just threw something together to have a post. Now I'm going to take more time on what I'm making, and then post when it's done. This is fun hobby and shouldn't be stressful. Hope you stick around!

Anyway, I finished a one-piece for Henry for when he gets bigger. I cut up one of my summer sweatshirts that I've had for five years or something. I wasn't wearing it anymore, but the fabric is perfect for a little boy. It'll be perfect for those cold spring days. The proportions look off to me, but I did copy a store-bought one-piece. We'll just to see if it fits!
I added fun pockets on the front and lots of topstitching throughout the whole piece.
Green scales on the hood and a green zipper.

I can't wait to see him when he's grown!

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  1. I love it, it looks great :) Yes the proportions do seem a bit off, but I know what you mean, many store bought ones look like these! Interested to see how it will fit Henry :).

    And yes, don't stress yourself out, there is no need :) And you posting less, means I'll have more time to make things myself, instead of procrastinating for no reason and reading blogs online, hehe ;) So it works both ways!


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