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*I'm sharing a tutorial for an "ugly" Christmas sweater one-piece for babies over at Michael Ann Made today. You should check it out because Henry looks good in green, and she has lots of other fun holiday stuff!

*Today I got caught up in reading Kami of No Biggie's story about her premature daughter Afton Jean. It is a heart wrenchingly beautiful story. I warn you that it will make you cry. I am grateful we have blogs to share sweet, painful stories with each other. It makes you ache for those around you, love more, and grateful for what you have in life. You can also donate/enter a giveaway for Kami here.

*A friend and I go walking a couple times a week in a really nice neighborhood near our apartment complex. We noticed the same square wreath on about seven or more houses. Most were green, but we saw an orange one too which my friend took a picture of for me. I love that it's square! It would be so easy to by a used frame and turn it into a wreath. It would be a lot cheaper than buying a wreath base at a craft store. The next wreath I make I'm going to make a square one!

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