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Santa's Clothesline Bunting

Santa is getting ready to come on Christmas Eve night. His clothes are all washed clean and hanging up to dry. For this project I was inspired by these crocheted Santa's clothing. Since I'm not a crocheter, I just made mine out of felt.
It hangs under our picture wall next to our miniature Christmas tree.
To get the same size and shape for them all I drew a simple man shape, think gingerbread man shape, and then traced each piece from that. Then I did some quick, easy handstitching to put the pieces together and give each one a little bit of character.
There's some Christmas boxers, Santa's coat and hat. . .
then there's his belt, a sock, his beard, and his boots. . . (I know Santa doesn't take his beard off, but I couldn't resist having a beard hanging up. I thought it differentiated Santa clothes from elf clothes.)
then his long green underwear with mismatched buttons (He wears red on the outside so he needs a different color underneath.), his other sock, and his pants.
They're all strung on some red yarn and hung up on temporary hooks hiding next to the frames.
Santa will be coming soon!

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  1. this is absolutely adorable, and what a great idea :D definitely something I'm going to remember for next year! (I fully 'booked' myself for other project till Christmas, so I won't have time this year :()


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