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Quotes To Live By

I have found two quotes in the past couple of months that have really inspired me. I made little prints of them to hang by my sewing machine.

This first quote I found in the book I Am A Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson. I love this quote because it reminds me that it doesn't matter what others think. What's important is my success. Success might be to be a great teacher, to be a good person, or to be a good mother. Success might be many things. A successful day might be a shower and happy children. Success to me is to enjoy sewing to make me happy and not to make money or to make myself famous. This I struggle with because I feel with blogging I need  to have the newest, coolest project five days a week. When I fall into that, I'm not creating for myself. I need to remember the reason why I sew. What is your success that makes you feel good in your soul?

This second one I found on Pinterest. When I was pregnant and thinking about my child, I had heard stories about moms going crazy because they didn't get their "me" time. I was really worried about not having time to create once I had children. Once I read this quote, I realized that raising children is in a way being creative. I could never sew something that would make me feel as fulfilled as having a child. I know lots and lots of hard days are ahead of me, but this quote will be a good reminder.


  1. I love your quotes, Heather. I can really relate to the feeling of failure when you haven't sewn or kept up with the blog. I'm realizing just how busy work and school is keeping me, and I wish I could make my Christmas gifts this year, but I just too busy. When it feels like a chore, rather than something fun, I feel it isn't worth doing. And I really love your second quote...what a great thing for your son to see every day. :)

  2. Okay Heather! I love your prints! How on earth did you make those? I have a few quotes I've been wanting to make into prints in my house. Can you give me any pointers?

    P.S. You are amazing! I totally look up to you girl!


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