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How I Do It

This past Wednesday was free admission at the zoo which is a couple blocks from our house, so a friend and I took Henry. It was lots of fun even though it got colder as the day went on. It must have been turtle eating time because we saw lots of turtles eating.
Henry slept the entire time. When he's older he'll stay awake long enough to love the zoo. Right before I went I decided to make this ear warmer using Delia's tutorial. It went really fast, and it's really warm.
I used some leftover navy blue fleece.
The only difference I made with mine is that I lined it with some soft jersey because I don't like how fleece makes my hair static-y. And I love something that pops.
Lately, I've had a lot of people comment that they love that I still create even with a baby. This method isn't perfect, but it works for me. It will most likely change as my son is awake more and will be able to play. And this probably won't work when I have more kids. Truly, I'm not that great to sticking to it, but I'll tell you what I do. I'm not posting this because I think I'm great at it, I'm posting it because we all have little tricks that can help each other out. We can share what helps us, so we can all be a little better at getting things done.

  • As my son gets more in a routine, I try every morning to get up before he does. I am less tired when I wake up to an alarm than when I wake up to his crying. I'm not always successful at this because I don't always know when he wakes up. Hopefully his schedule will become a little more solidified as time goes on.
  • I write a to-do list every morning on my weekly list so I have little goals everyday. And yes, everyday I put on my list "shower", "breakfast", and "lunch". (Sometimes those are the only things I get to.) I don't write them up because I'm afraid I will forget to do them; it just feels so great to cross something off! On the right side I have a running list of long-term projects so I have long-term goals to look at everyday. I can't show you that list because it's stuff I have to get done before Christmas, and I don't want to give anything away. 
  • Every morning I "eat the frog of the day first." Meaning, I do the least desirable task first. Like cleaning the bathroom. Or dusting. I try to do all my cleaning and household tasks first thing in the morning. Then if something fun comes up during the day, I don't feel guilty going because the important things are done.
  • I limit my computer time to only when Henry is eating during the day, so that I really use the time when I'm not holding him to be up and about. I do have to write blog posts when I'm not feeding him because I need both hands, but that is a creative activity I do after I do the important things. I also only watch TV with my husband at night or when I'm feeding Henry.
  • I do a part-time online job a couple hours a day that I'm really bad at getting my hours in. I took a break when Henry was born, and it's been hard getting back into it. This is probably the area I need to most work.
  • By setting all these limits for myself, getting to create is a big reward. Then I don't feel guilty about doing it. Not feeling guilty is very stimulating too.
  • I am a B type personality, so not getting everything done on my list doesn't stress me out. Since I get the most important stuff done first, I know there's always tomorrow to get a little more done.
Anyway, I hope this might help you in some way. I'm really not perfect at this and fail a lot. But having guidelines for myself helps me feel productive even if I only shower and eat in one day. I do love being a mother,and it has made me a lot better at time management. Do you have any tips for getting things done?

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  1. I just have my first baby less than two weeks ago - so thanks for this post! I found it very insightful :) I was wondering what your online job is. Next semester I'm only taking one class, and I've been trying to figure out some way I could bring in a little extra money without having to pump/leave my little girl home. Thanks!

    (just incase - sarah.wells429@gmail.com)


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