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Fish Purse

My sister and I worked at a tailor shop for about a year and a half. We loved seeing all the interesting items that came through. One time a fish purse came through which my sister and I LOVED. This year I made her a fish purse for Christmas.
This one was lots of fun to make. It was a little time-consuming because I had was making it up as I went. The fish body is a light gray fabric with metallic detail. Then I sewed on some felt scales, a big button eye, and some pretty sequins. The handle is just some metallic ribbon I had.
The back is just simple with scales and fins.
I made fins out of dark gray fabric and then topstitched some details.
The top opens with a lime green zipper. . .
And the inside has two pockets with bright yellow lining.
It's pretty small, so it's not for holding a lot. It's for looking fantastic! Did you make any cool things for Christmas?

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