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Baby "Ugly" Christmas Sweater One-Piece Tutorial

*This tutorial was originally posted at Michael Ann Made.* 
I love ugly Christmas sweaters. The first Christmas my husband and I were married, I made Christmas sweaters for him and me. He got a hexagonal snowman, and I got an artistic tree. They were supposed to be ugly, but they turned out cool instead.
Now that we have a little babe this Christmas, I decided he needed a a Christmas sweater too. He gets an artistic Santa.
As you see you can make a cool Christmas sweater for anyone, but this tutorial is specifically for a baby sweater one-piece. You can use these basic instructions to make any size sweater. Here are the basic shapes drawn out that I have done, but you can do any shape you want. The easiest one is the tree.
2 or more old sweaters in the colors you want
Thread, scissors, pins, etc.
Sewing supplies*
1. Get a pattern. I traced the front of a one-piece, the back of another piece with a center back seam, and the sleeve of another.
2. Draw the shape you want on the front piece. There is a seam between each shape. Cut apart pieces. I like to leave mine in order so I don't forget what goes where.
3. I utilized the hems and finished edges of the sweater. I cut out the neckline on the neckline of the sweater and the legs on the bottom of the sweater. I also did this on the back by cutting the back pattern piece in two.
4. I cut out all the pieces and laid them out in order. (See how the back piece is two?) I also added seam allowance to each piece when I cut it out. Some pieces I forgot, but I'm not worried. It's stretchy fabric.
5. Pin the triangle/rectangle pieces into the coordinating piece. Sew with the coordinating piece up.
6. You will then sew around the edge. You will have to fiddle with the fabric, but the stretch will help. Then follow the instructions on the picture.
7.  Zigzag or serge all your edges to finish them.

8. Once you have the rectangle pieces in, sew in the circles. Sew with the circle up so you can easily follow the round edges.
9. Lay out your pieces. Then sew the the coordinating seams together making sure you match up the shapes.
10. Put the back together.
11. In this version I added snaps to one shoulder to fit it over my baby's head. (I used twill tape that had snaps on it*. I got it at Joann's with a 50% off coupon. You can also sew on twill tape then sew on your own snaps.) Follow the instructions on the picture.
Leave the sleeve edge unfinished.
12. Sew the other shoulder seam. (Mine has random seams from the previous sweater construction.
13. Sew in sleeves with snaps closed, and then sew the sides.
14. On the inside leg seam do the same as the shoulder by folding the edge over and sewing the snaps over it.
That's it! You now have a little baby Christmas sweater one-piece.
With an easy way to change the baby's diaper.
 There's a couple random seams on the back but it fits him well.
Now we have a family of holiday sweaters.
Quick tip: If you want to make an adult sweater, cut the pieces out but don't cut into the hem of the sweater. Sew the band onto the bottom of the sweater to finish it. 


  1. so cute! haha, love it :)

  2. I love that you love Christmas sweaters! By the way, I love your blog....you always make amazing stuff!

  3. Fantastic tutorial! I'm not a very good sewer but it was easy for me to understand. I might even try it. :)

  4. I love it! That snowman is super cute, btw...he's my favorite shape. :)

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