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Textured Lampshade Redo

This lamp was a hand-me-down from a family member. I didn't take a before picture, but the base used to be bronze. I spray painted it blue to match my front area. The lampshade needed a makeover too thought.
I looked around for ideas and wasn't inspired by anything. I thought of doing something with rope because I really wanted texture, but that would have taken too long. While at Tai Pan Trading last week I found some burlap ribbon. I loved the texture.
All I did was glue a bunch of strips onto the lampshade. I didn't even take off the previous shade. I just hot glued at the top.
Stretched the burlap to the bottom and cut. Then I glued it at the bottom.
I overlapped each piece slightly.
I made it all the way around except for a small strip that goes in the back. And you can see it wasn't perfect; how I got so off on the bottom confuses me.
Here is it all done! Now that I've finished it, I can show you the whole front room! I just need to take pictures.
I love the solid color and little bit of texture.
Like my favorite boss says, "As long as it works and looks good on the outside, who cares what it looks like on the inside."

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