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Jungle Mobile

You all had some great guesses on the giraffe, and it's a mobile for Henry's nursery. It hangs from the curtain rod at the edge of his crib. (I have no other way of putting it up because I can't put nails in the cinder block!)
I used three sizes of embroidery hoops for the bases. Then I just used embroidery floss to tie up each animal. Each animal is made of felt and then hand-sewn together with embroidery floss.
There's a lion who has gold metallic thread in his mane. He's the king of the jungle, right?
 a rhino with a braided tail
 an elephant with a braided tail and a trunk that I can't get to stay up like it's supposed to.
 an alligator (or crocodile? which one is in Africa?)
 a fabulous zebra with a braided tail and a mohawk like mane
 a giraffe with a braided tail
and lastly, an adorable monkey hanging from the smallest hoop. His tail won't stay up either, but it does look cool twisting down.
I had lots of fun putting this together, and I hope Henry enjoys looking at it when he's older and can see farther.


  1. What a great job! This looks amazing. Well done! :)

  2. These animals are adorable! The little guy in this crib is so lucky to have such a creative and diligent Mommy!


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