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First Crocheted Hat

I finished my first crocheted hat using this pattern. As you can see, it is way too small. (And Henry doesn't just have a large head; his head size is in the 30th percentile.) I was so scared that my loops would be too big so I tried to make them as small as possible. Oops. I'll have to make another one with bigger stitches and now I get another chance at not making so many mistakes. I have a hard time counting stitches. Maybe I didn't have enough stitches. Any tips?
Don't be so afraid Henry. I'll make you another hat that's bigger! Good thing he's a baby and doesn't know he'll be getting this hat for Christmas!


  1. Theres a thing called a split ring stitch marker, that you can use to mark the beginning of each row. You could also use a piece of yarn. From experience, I know that simple hats like this one, its not overly important that the stitch count is exact as long as you are getting it close to the #. Also, depends on what size you used; if u used the 0-3 you might be better off using the 3-6 mo pattern. If that still doesnt make it bigger, you could also try a slightly bigger yarn and hook! Hope that helps!:)

  2. OH this is so cute!! there's lots of cool free patterns online for crochet! Enjoy your adventure!


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