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Twilight vs. Jane Austen

Since I'm nursing my son, I've had lots of time to read books. Growing up I read all the time. Then I went to college and didn't read anything besides textbooks. I've recently gotten back into it, and I've really missed it!

Anyway, the book I just finished is called Austenland by Shannon Hale. It's about a women who gets to go to a resort in England where women get to live in Jane Austen's stories for three weeks. They get to dress, eat, and speak just like early 1800's. The women who go are obsessed with that time period and the perfect men from the books. They parade around acting as someone they're not and having romances with these actors because they're unhappy with their own lives. Now I love Jane Austen's stories just as much as the next girl. I loved talking with girls about which male character we liked best. I love the fashions of that time period, they are flattering on any figure! I used to wish for a man like Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightly (until I met my husband, of course).

When the Twilight books came out, I read the first two. They weren't very interesting for me, so I stopped. Unfortunately, I wasn't very tactful in the way I talked/wrote about it. I'm sure I offended people with my strong opinions. I won't get into the details of my opinions except that I was surprised at how obsessed women got over it.

When I finished the book Austenland, I was talking with my sister about how I enjoyed it and liked the ending. We did find it was sickening to read about the attitudes of the women in the book. They all acted out characters at the resort because they were so caught up in that fantasy. They were SO obsessed over finding a "Mr. Darcy" and having a romantic time. I then realized that as much as Twilight fanatics bothered me, it is exactly the same with Jane Austen fanatics. Women can get obsessed about anything. It is fun to get excited about something with your girlfriends, but I hope women don't get obsessed because they aren't happy with life. I do love Jane Austen's romances, but I wouldn't say I am obsessed. I need to be careful of what I get caught up in thought, so I make sure my priorities are straight. I need to remember what truly makes me happy. Life is hard, but that's what makes us enjoy the great moments.

I hope my train of thought wasn't too hard to follow and that it made you stop and think. What are we as women spending our time on? Hopefully it's what makes you happy because we all deserve to be happy!


  1. You are so right! It is crazy how one novel can suddenly make everyone think if they found a guy like in this book they'd "always and forever" be happy. I enjoyed both Austenland and the Twilight series. You might find this picture entertaining... it has a picture of obsessed Twilight fans probably in their 30s screaming about Edward, and the caption says something like, "if this were a bunch of 40 year old men screaming about a teenage girl, there would be police. hahaha

  2. I only made it through the first half of the second Twilight book. I tell people I don't like romance novels when they can't understand why I don't love it. That's only half true. Better not to be obsessed. :)

  3. Everyone's entitled to their opinions about books - half the fun of reading books is talking about them afterwards!

    I found the Twilight books to be poorly written, but fairly entertaining. A bit of a non comment. Read The Night Circus - it's my favourite at the moment.

  4. I read the Twilight novels but didn't hate them because I was reading them as pre teen books I didn't expect much I then read some satirical reviews of them and now see how hilariously bad they are. I think if you are going to obsess over something you should choose something that is quality and never let that take away from real life

  5. When I saw you mention Austenland I was like eeeeee!!! I love that book! One of my very favorites.

    I totally get the obsession thing. It's hilarious. Some people don't get other's obsessions and others don't get how someone could not utterly adore the thing they are obsessed with. Does that make sense?

    I don't get how people can dislike or have no interest in Harry Potter. Completely beyond understanding.

    But I agree. These things shouldn't take the place of real life, real relationships, or just real reality. Cuz sometimes reality is better than fantasy :)


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