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The Little Gentleman Blessing Outfit

Yesterday was my son's blessing day. For the occasion I made him a gentleman's outfit. I made a vest, pants, and shoes. The fabric is a semi-sheer striped fabric. I had always planned on using the fabric leftover from my wedding dress, but because of a mix-up and less-than-kind client of my seamstress, I never got my extra fabric back. Instead my seamstress bought me this striped fabric. It's probably a good thing because this fabric is a lot more suited for a baby than my wedding dress fabric. And there's even some leftover to use on a baby girl's blessing dress in the future. I lined everything with a white cotton fabric.
I drafted the pattern for the vest myself. It's not the best fit, but he's a baby. He'll always look cute. It even has a little faux pocket.
The pants are basic elastic waistband pants. The shoes are a scaled down version of the shoe pattern I always use. They are so tiny! I hope everyone had a good Sunday!


  1. i love it! you're an awesomely inventive seamstress! :) shame about your wedding dress fabric, but this does look great!

    congrats on the blessing! :)

  2. So cute!
    And good to know I am not the only one that planned on using wedding dress fabric for baby blessing outfits. I had enough, so I was able to use it for my kids outfits.
    Wish I had your pattern, I just had to do a baby boy outfit for 2 weeks ago!

  3. How utterly adorable!!! Congratulations :)

  4. He looks darling! I am so sorry Jameson and I couldn't be there. His shift every other Sunday isn't the best. Those of us still left here need to get together.


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