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A Little About Me and Baby

I've loved having this blog, but I tend to be very private about my life. It's for protection for myself and my family, and even though I'm friendly and talkative, I keep most things to myself. Well Jordan at based on a true story nominated me for the versatile blogger award where I have to tell seven random facts about myself and nominate other bloggers for the award.
Maybe this will get me to be a little more open.
1. I could eat cereal for every meal of the day and would never tire of it.
2. I'm really enjoying Fall this year, and I think it's because it's the first Fall I'm not in school.
3. When I'm making a decision about a project, I always text my sister a picture and question. I can't make a decision without her input. My sister and I need each other's input, but we usually end up disregarding it. Luckily, we are never offended.
4. Growing up I always said I would never get engaged/married quick. Then I met my husband, and I knew it was right. We met and got married all within seven months.
5. I love creating things, but I get really shy about it when people talk to me about it. I've found that I don't make things to say, "Look, I made this." I make things because I like creating. That might sound contradictory because I have this blog. This blog has helped me improve immensely, and I hardly see people face to face that read my blog. 
6. I used to think Christmas wasn't all that great until I married my husband. Now it's one of my favorites because it's fun to share it with someone, and his family gets into the Christmas spirit really early. Let's just say I've already listened to Christmas music this year.
7. I keep my fingernails cut really short. I can't stand having long fingernails. And filing takes to long. I usually cut them once a week to keep them short.

To update you on baby boy, his name is Henry and he is a really good baby. He is so fun to have around. After having an easy pregnancy and labor, the hardest part of the whole process was the recovery after he was born. Nobody tells you about that part. Luckily, I have kept my expectations really low of what I want to accomplish everyday so I don't feel bad about not cleaning, sewing, getting ready, etc. I have been able to nap guilt free and hold him as much as I want. I have really LOVED being a mom. It has been a big adjustment, but it is completely worth it. I'm already sad that he is growing. I want him to stay little!
Also, I love the faces newborns make. It keeps me smiling to see faces like this.


  1. henry is just precious!!

    my sisters and i constantly need each others' opinions, but we often disregard them also. :)


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