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Fall Friday Afternoon

My birthday was a couple weeks ago, and one thing I asked for was a trip to Tai Pan Trading with my mom. Tai Pan Trading is a wholesale (great prices!) decor warehouse, and it's only in Utah and California. I LOVE finding decor and decor ideas there. This fall I've had a hankering to decorate with acorns, but couldn't find a way to make them and didn't want to spray paint them. I did find two twigs with acorns on them while shopping today, and they immediately jumped in my cart.
I chopped off all the leaves and acorns. I love the slight glamour of them. The acorns have glitter, sequins, and jewels on the top.
The leaves are just velvet cut in the shape of leaves and treated to make them not fray, then they have gold 3-D paint tracing the leave details. They would be super easy to make!
Then I stuffed them all in a little bowl for the table. Awesome. This is going to stay up until Thanksgiving.
It was a big outing for Henry, and he was a happy, calm guy the entire time. That is until I parked at our apartment. Then he looked like this. He's still adorable when he cries though!

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  1. What a cute idea! We went out today and got some preliminary Christmas decorations...man, I love the holidays! :)


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