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Wearing What I Made

I feel like I'm running out of interesting outfits as I get closer to my due date. I don't really care what I wear because usually I'm cooking/cleaning/sewing at home, but they aren't that fun for you guys! I'm wearing this today to go to the doctor.
Right now I'm working on a wedding dress which is turning out beautifully. I'm hoping to get it done in a week or two so I can show you! I've started working on the nursery. I mean we have all the furniture and stuff, but I'm redoing the slider cushions. I'm also deciding about wall decor in there. I'll have the slider done this weekend after I can borrow my dad's staple gun. It's going to look awesome!
shirt: hand-me-down, tank top: reworked by me, jeggings: Wal-mart, sandals: Target

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  1. you look amazing! I can't believe you are so close to your due date.


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