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Wearing What I Made

I know that gray and yellow is a gorgeous, trendy color scheme right now. But what about black and yellow? I wore this around the house and to take the garbage out yesterday. I really felt like a bumblebee all day long.
Does this outfit look bumblebee-ish to you?
shirt: made by me, skirt: made by me
Want to hear about one of my favorite family traditions? Jordan at Lost and Found is doing a family memories series in honor of her mother who passed away last February.


  1. I love the top you made! The little embellishments are super cute! I think with the skirt, it does look a tad bumblebee-ish. Maybe you could add a little something to the skirt in a different color?

  2. You look adorable!! I love both pieces. Thanks for guest posting today!! :)

  3. They're both great pieces, but bumblebee was the first thing that popped into my head :/ Unless you like that look then go for it! I say you can get away with wearing almost anything as long as you're confident in it :)

  4. I think I agree, I'd wear the two separately.:)


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