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Wearing What I Made

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm switching things around today because I didn't do much sewing so I don't have anything to show you yet. My husband and I have been focusing on getting baby stuff because I'm 36 weeks now. If this bugger would've come early we wouldn't have anything to put him in!
I have a question for you that's been on my mind lately. My question is, how do you be confident? What do you do to be comfortable with yourself? Did someone teach you or was it learned? Is it something you'll always have to work on? Let's help each other out with some tips.
And how would you teach that to children or people around you?
Shirt: Burlington, vest: hand-me-down, belt: hand-me-down, capris: made by me, sandals: Target, necklace: I've had it so long that I don't remember


  1. 36 weeks?!!? You are teeeeny tiny tiny.

    I am probably the most unconfident person in zee world! I'll be surious to read the answers!!

    I hope you are feeling well!!

  2. That's a really hard question. I think confidence is something unlearned and then relearned. I was super confident as a child, then shy and insecure as a teen, and after having my son I've been more confident than ever.

  3. Cute belly! In answer to your question, a lot of the time I'm not really confident, but I fake it. It's something I learned when I first started teaching..."fake it til you make it!". While I'm usually a shy introvert, I've learnt to act that little bit more confident (put my shoulders back, chin up, not bite my lip with anxiety!). I also try to be a little louder/more outgoing/initiate conversation when I'm in a situation which calls for me to step up or be the leader.

  4. I cannot agree more with Bec. I did that myself when I started teching and after a few months it got a lot better, really.

    Maria @ Green Love Designs (previously @ My current hobby!)

  5. I have to admit, I'm not sure what is confidence. I was a lot bolder and courageous (read: reckless) as a teenager, and since having Ella, I've definitely become more cautious and introverted. But I feel comfortable as a mommy, and I think she likes having me as one, too. But then there are things like finances and social stuff, that overwhelm me, and I've got my hubby pushing me forward and encouraging me. So is that building confidence?

    Maybe I need to figure out what it really means to be confident..

  6. The only way to have confidence is to have proper values and education. If you have those things havingconfidence in your personality and your actions will happen naturely. If you don't have values/principles to back up your confidence what you really have is conceit and cockiness. I think the best way to gain true confidence is to learn all you can about a situation and go in with your integrity so that hold to what you believe in. So, if you need confidence, find out what you stand for and then learn everything you can about what ever it is you want to be confident in. For example quality is a principle to back your confidence in in crafting also a green mentality or a thrifty mentality can be linked to your craft to give you real confidence in them. then you learn more about new crafts and how to improve your own and you can be super confidant in your craft.

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  7. Wow, not long now! I really struggled to be confident in myself when I gained all that weight due to my hormone therapy. It took me a long time to accept that it isn't about how you look, but the way you carry yourself and project confidence. Now I try to wear my clothes with pride and just remember that the people who love me believe that I am beautiful no matter what, and that makes me happy. I know this is not all about physical appearance, but that's what struck me most. I also agree that it is something we unlearn and relearn. That's a very poignant statement.

  8. You have such a cute preggo belly!

    I think confidence only comes when we TRULY stop trying to please others and focus on pleasing God, our family and ourselves. I notice that when I am doing those things, I can take on the world--it's outside people who sometimes make me double think what I'm doing.

    And, I agree--we learn and relearn this SOOOO many times throughout life. Someday, we'll get there:)


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