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My Sewing Space

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a busy weekend and didn't get any sewing done, but I thought today I could show you my sewing space. (If you want to hear some of my thoughts about law school, check out my guest post over at Yours, Mine, and Ours!)
In our apartment we have a front room/kitchen area, our bedroom, the baby's bedroom, and a bathroom. It's really small, but there is lots and lots of closets/built in storage in our apartment. Luckily, in the little hallway between the front area and bedrooms there is a little built in desk where I have my sewing machines.
I decorated with inspiring things on each side to keep my creativity flowing. On the right side I have one of my bridals that my brother and sister framed for my wedding. A t-shirt that says, "never mind the cloudy days" that I cut up and framed. A handkerchief that I put on the wall using starch. My sewing scissors that I always wear around my neck hung up with a removable hook. All my sewing rulers/forms that are sitting on two removable hooks.

On the left side I have a boot shaped felt that I got from school. Another design school came and handed these out in a presentation. I just flipped it over so you can't see the words advertising their school. Then I have an embroidery hoop with some of my favorite fabric that I also used here, and five fabulous buttons. The story behind the family painting is when my grandpa was in his forties, he saw a book titled "Anyone Can Learn To Paint" or something like that. He decided he would test it to see if it was true. He then made some beautiful oil paintings that decorated his house for years. He didn't do very many, but I always hoped I would get one. I bugged my mom about it a lot, and she ended up giving me one that she had. I just find the idea so inspiring of starting something and succeeding no matter where you are in life. Then I have a framed card and old sewing machine feet strung up on a ribbon.

When I turn to the right, there's a little closet. Above it is a sign that says "fitting room" that my mom found on sale somewhere when I was in high school. It couldn't be more perfect! In this picture there is a wedding dress hanging up that I'm reworking right now. It's going to be so pretty when it's done!
Open the closet and all my fabric, scraps, and craft stuff are in there. It's pretty packed, but at least I can close the door on it!
I love my little sewing space instead of having to get my machine out everyday. And I can close the door to the hallway so nobody will see my messes except me and my husband.
Do you have a little space to like to sew?


  1. We have an extra room that we turned into my sewing/craft room. Although if you ask my hubby it is my junk/mess room.
    He put a table height, and a counter height shelves in there for my machine and for cutting out on. I also have a 6 and a 1/2 foot tall by about 2 and 1/2 wide by 2 feet deep shelf for my fabric. A bookshelf holds all my scrapbook type stuff. And there is a high shelf that has all my ribbons, interfacing, and stuff like that on it.
    I love it! I can store boxes and extra stuff under my counters, and still be able to get around in there!

  2. I'd love to have a little sewing area like that! Right now, my little studio apartment is too small to set up a desk or anything. So I have to keep my machine in the case and bring it out when I'm going to sew. Luckily I don't have too much fabric to store, but it's started to grow! Your area is so cute! :)

  3. Perfect! My sewing space is in a closet too! I need to fix it up a bit though. It's getting too cramped and cluttered.


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