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The Margaret Dress: A Reversible Cowl Neck Dress

I've had this dress floating around my head for awhile. I was going to wait until after I have this baby, but I'm really glad I made it now. My inspiration came from the 1930's cowl back dresses. I think the deep cowl back dresses are just so gorgeous. As I was thinking of a name, I looked up popular names of the 1930's and Margaret was one of the top which was my grandmother's name. I thought it was fitting to name a dress after her.  
And guess what? I made a pattern for this dress to share with you! It's not a maternity dress, don't worry; it's just a basic shift dress that can stretch. I'll have the measurements and tutorial up tomorrow so you can make one too! It's very simple and straightforward so I even think beginners could make it. It is made out of jersey, but I think jersey is easier to sew with than having to worry about ease and closures on wovens. The other great thing about this dress is you can wear the cowl in the front or the back! Here's the dress with the cowl in the back.
And the simple neckline in the front.
Right now I think it looks great with a belt just under my bust. I'm planning on wearing it with a belt at my natural waist after I have the baby. Then it will be a cute belted shift dress.
The simple neckline.
The sleeves are really easy flutter kimono sleeves. This makes the dress so it can be reversible.
Now here's the dress with the cowl in the front. It's just as pretty in the front!
My brother calls cowl necklines cow necks, but they truly are beautiful in the way they drape!
The simple neckline in the back.
Would you like to make this dress?


  1. I love it! Great color too!!

  2. this is sooo cute. love that its reversible!

  3. i LOVE it! Great color choice and it's gorgeous on you!

  4. Lovely! Cowl necks are so elegant :)

  5. Can you please also post maternity measurements too?

  6. this is awesome! I like this style so much. did you ever put a tutorial on how to make the dress? I woul love to make it for my MIL's wedding in a few weeks.


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