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The Margaret Dress Free Pattern and Tutorial

I'm glad to hear some of you liked the Margaret dress!
Here's the pattern. Sorry it's just a bunch of measurements. I don't have a way to digitize patterns yet and probably won't for awhile. But to make you feel better, I used these measurements to cut out the pieces too.  I didn't have a paper pattern to use for myself.
You'll need 2 yards of 60 inch wide KNIT fabric. The fabric should have lots of stretch. All seam allowances are 1/4".
It's pretty straight forward. Two skirt pieces, two non-cowl bodice pieces and one cowl bodice piece. Make sure the cowl piece is cut on the bias!
Once you have your pieces cut out, sew with a stretch stitch up the sides of the skirt.
The pin the two bodice pieces together at the neckline and sew with a stretch stitch. Then understitch the neckline.
 Next, lay the bodice down with right sides out. Then you're going to fold the cowl piece right sides together around the bodice piece matching the shoulder seams. The picture explains it better because you can see what's going on. Pin all four layers together.
My bodice piece was a little bit longer than my cowl piece so I just stretched it to fit.
 Starting at the neckline, sew all four pieces together at the shoulder seam. Do the same on the other side.
 When you turn it right side out, it should look like this.
 Turn it right sides in; pin and sew the side seams together.

My cowl piece was about an inch longer than my bodice piece. This is because the cowl piece was cut on the bias and stretches as you handle it. You can stretch your bodice piece to fit the cowl piece if you'd like or cut it off like I did.
With right sides together, sew the skirt to the bodice matching the side seams.
To finish the sleeves, I just rounded my edge a little and left it unfinished. I tried a couple different hems but it made it so the fabric didn't drape well. You can finish the sleeves how you like.
 The finished sleeve look
I finished the hem with a double needle. You can finish your hem however you'd like, even no hem to match your sleeves.
That's it! It's a pretty dress that comes together really quickly! Please ask me if you have any questions!
The finished circumference from just under the arm to the hem is 36" plus the stretch in the fabric. I used the same width as this shirt so it does fit a non-pregnant body. I'm planning on belting my dress at my natural waist after the baby comes.


  1. Gorgeous! Can I ask what size dress these measurements are for??! I'm normally a L or size 12, would these measurements match up? Thank you!

  2. um, wow! I just picked up two yards from the bargain bin and figured I'd make another maxi skirt, but maybe I'll try this instead. It looks pretty intimidating, but stretch fabric is at least forgiving. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing.


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