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I Need Bedroom Decor Ideas

We have a pretty small bedroom. It's only big enough to fit our bed and two little nightstands. I'm not complaining though because we have two closets. This is the view standing just outside the doorway. I have put up a fabric headboard and curtains.
If you walk to the opposite corner and turn around, this is what you see. The bedroom door and a closet on each side. (I would SO choose a tiny bedroom with two closets than a big bedroom with one closet!) On this side I could nail holes in the wall so I put up our dream board which we change every once in awhile. I also put up our marriage sealing and a wedding picture to remind us of our commitment to each other and remember what a happy day that was. It's right by the light switch so we can't miss it.
My dilemma that I need help with is what to do above the headboard.  It's so empty and bland. We live in a place where there's been an earthquake threatening to hit for over a hundred years, so I really don't want anything heavy hanging above our heads. There is a hook from the previous tenant I could use. I'm not willing to spend money on this, but I'm willing to make something. I'm just all out of ideas. A garland? a quote on fabric? Let me know what ideas you have or links to cool pictures. Thanks!


  1. I always like the butterfly kind of wall decorations. Can't find the link I was looking for, but this is a good one as well: http://www.curbly.com/dkazan/posts/9266-how-to-make-boutique-inspired-butterfly-wall-art-on-the-cheap

    Not sure if it's your kind of thing and if it's hubby-friendly!

  2. TP roll art is beautiful, lightweight, and free. I just put some above my bed.


  3. Laminate pictures and put up (frameless) with command strips. The black letters look great of those cinder block walls.

  4. Whoa that tp roll idea is really neat!! Plus looks to be very lightweight, and super cheap to construct! you could even wrap them in colored or patterned paper for some color. have fun decorating! http://singinsweetbird.blogspot.com/

  5. Let me guess, you live in student housing? We're having to deal w/ cinder block, too. Anyway, when we first lived there I put up a collage of snapshots of our wedding w/ putty tacks or tack putty. I just put a pinch of the stuff in the corner of each pic and arranged them on the wall. It looked really cool and made it not feel so blank. I'm having the same issue as you are now though so I might not be the best help. Good Luck!!!

  6. Ugh! I hate cinder block walls. I finally came up with something, and it's not too bad :) It's been up for a while now, and I'm starting to get bored with it. But it should be easy to change. Here's the link for my homemade wall-art: http://kylielovestj.blogspot.com/2011/03/room-decor.html

    Hope that helps!


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