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How to Applique an Argyle Design

I love argyle. I think it's such a fun, funky design that can be masculine or feminine. I made some corduroy baby shoes with an argyle applique, and I took pictures of the process for you!
First, decide the size of diamonds you would like. On these shoes I made mine 2" tall and 1" wide. I wanted tall skinny diamonds. I drew them out so that I knew how it would look.
Then I cut the diamonds from knit. I used knit because knit doesn't fray. If you use a woven, make sure you finish the edges.
Pin them in place. I would suggest at least two or more pins though. It got kind of tricky for me with only one pin because the knit would stretch on the corners.
Sew around the diamonds at an 1/8" or less. It should look something like this.

Then draw two lines the cross each diamond like this. Sew on these lines.
You are now finished with the applique! Wasn't that easy? Just finish the rest of the item you are making.
There's lots of possibilities with colors and stitching.
 Have fun with it!


  1. These little shoes are soooooo cute? And who are they for?!

  2. So cute and handsome! My boyfriend refuses to wear argyle. :(


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