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Birds of a Feather Diaper Bag Measurements

I have been working hard on this diagram for you! This shows all the sizes of the pieces for the diaper bag.

Don't forget the Birds of a Feather Diaper Bag Tutorial.
I used a Premier Prints chevron* and a Premier Prints bird fabric*.


  1. That's great Heather...must have taken a lot of work! I'll be keeping this for the future. :)

  2. Hopefully, someday soon I'll have to use this one! Thanks!

  3. This will make a great baby gift. Now I just need a new grandchild.

  4. Thank you! And it might be fun to do a sew along, but this makes me VERY excited!

  5. heather I love love this bag and am so dying for the pattern! Can't wait to see it!

  6. I really love this bag. It is a great diaper bag that doesn't look too much like a diaper bag!! Hope to get the tutorial soon, baby is due in October

  7. I absolutely love this bag! Thank you for including the tutorial! I'm getting ready to make it for a friend and hoping I'll have enough energy after I get done with hers to make my own :)

    Question though: if I were to add a messenger type strap using the same fabric as the bag (instead of using the straps you used) would there be enough fabric from the one yard? The straps I'm looking at doing would be 45'' x 2 1/2''.

    1. I think so! You might have to do one side outside fabric and one side lining fabric, but you should be okay!


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