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Circle Decor On A Cinder Block Wall

In our apartment any wall that is an outside wall is made of cinder block. Technically we're allowed to use these special three pin hook things that we'd have to buy. Instead I chose to put all my photos on one wall, and then do some decor with circles. I got my original inspiration from this photo on Pinterest. The yellow circles are painted ceiling medallions.
This is what I came up with. I decided to have blue and brown for my circles. My front door is on the right.
I got three small ceiling medallions (they are surprisingly NOT cheap!) and painted them blue. 
The other blue circle is a plastic lid that I cut out designs and painted blue. I got the idea from this clock.
My cut out design turn out a little bit different than my drawn design.
Then I put up two brown fabric circles and a carved wooden plate my husband has from Ukraine. 
The ceiling medallions and cut out circle are put up using the removable sticky backs. 
The plate is hanging on one of the special pin hooks from the previous tenant. The two fabric circles are put up with starch
This circle is my favorite. I love the intricate details.
I think maybe one day when my husband is done with law school I'll get the huge medallions like the inspiration picture, but I'm still happy with how it turned out. I'm just glad I was able to decorate without buying any special hooks.

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  1. They look lovely! I love the designs and the mixture of colors and texture. Well done!


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